Jul 17, 2019
John DeCesaro
Fidelity Bank VP and Editor at The Chung Report

Since July 2016, The Chung Report has been sharing stories that explore four challenges to Wichita’s long-term economic prosperity: the business cycle, entrepreneurship, perception and human capital. Come hear the story of how a website inspired by data analyst James Chung’s work for The Wichita Community Foundation’s Focus Forward initiative has grown to become a hub of information, analysis and inspiration for all members of Team Wichita.


Through a marketing career that has included stints in the service, non-profit, advertising and banking industries, John has helped develop marketing programs that balance creativity with strategy. He also serves as an editor for The Chung Report, a website publishing multi-media stories about the Wichita economy.

John received his Bachelor of Business Administration from Wichita State University and his MBA from Baker University. He has served in leadership positions for a variety of organizations including Young Professionals of Wichita, Wichita American Marketing Association, American Red Cross Midway-Kansas Chapter, Wichita Public Library Foundation, Tallgrass Film Association and Rainbows United.

John lives in Wichita with his wife, Kelley; daughter, Stella and son, Nolan.