The slate of Rotary Club of East Wichita 2017-18 Officers and Board of Directors is listed below (the number in parentheses indicates their remaining/future term length) has been announced and approved by the membership.    Congratulations to the following members:
       President                Scott Holder  (1)
                          President-Elect        Burke Jones  (1)
                          Secretary                Donna Kennedy  (2)
                          Treasurer                Steve Peterson  (1)
                          Past President          Fred Heismeyer  (1)
  Public Relations             Dave Clothier (2)
                          Membership                 Todd Bailey  (1)
                          Membership                  Angela Binyon  (2)
                          RCEW Foundation         Kevin Rathert  (1)
                          Fellowship/Social          Drew Rooks  (2)
                          Administration              Richard Samaniego  (2)
                              Service                         Denise Hearson  (1)