We accepted the challenge from the Overland Park, KS, Rotary Club and on Friday, August 22, in front of the WCC sign on 13th Street, five of our members were the “dumpees” and five were the “dumpers”.  Scott Holder videographed the cold, cold fun!  Additionally, several members came to cheer on the fun!   Ideally, the way the challenge works is for someone/some group to challenge another group to raise awareness/money for ALS within 24 hours or, if not, ice gets dumped over the heads of folks.  Contributions or no contributions, the reality was that ice WOULD BE dumped over some of our members heads on Friday afternoon – there’s no way we’d have missed out on that chance for fun in the name of charity!  As a result of the Challenge, our members contributed $525 to the ALS Foundation.    Just to give you a feel for the success of the Ice Bucket Challenge .... last summer, the ALS Association had $1.9 million in contributions.  This year, with the success of the ongoing Ice Bucket Challenge, the ALS Foundation has received contributions totaling over $50 million dollars ... and still climbing!  They have hundreds of thousands of NEW contributors that they are furiously trying to get thank you notes written to!  What a wonderful “problem” to have! 

And for our Club, what a “cool” break to the heat, all in the name of a good cause!