On a beautiful, almost fall-like morning, members of the East Wichita and Old Town Rotary Clubs joined forces to paint a school map at Jackson Elementary.  The pictures, accessed by clicking here, tell the story of how a blank school playground transformed into a wonderful learning tool for the students of Jackson Elementary.    As the Jackson principal, Ms. Kamiel Evans, said, "Having the map painted on the playground gives students a tangible way to interact with geography.  Technology is a blessing, but it has taken away the “real life” interaction that so many kids need.  I can’t wait for our students to be able to utilize this additional resource!  Thank you to the Rotarians!" Many thanks to EWR members, Lisa Callahan, Jim Crawford, Denise Hearson, Fred, Heismeyer, Joyce Heismeyer, Scott Holder, Kim Hurtig, Lynn Jeane, Eileen Kludt, Ely Luna, Bob Morris and John Schlicher who shared their time and talents, along with several of our friends from the Old Town Club, to paint the map.  The crew said they had a blast and can't wait to do it again!  What a wonderful example of Service above Self!