"From Saving Lives to Saving Businesses"
Jan 23, 2019
Mike Smith, owner of new business consulting firm
"From Saving Lives to Saving Businesses"

After a 47-year career as one of America’s most esteemed weather scientists, Mike Smith has begun a new career in business consulting and professional speaking.

Mike is the entrepreneur that founded WeatherData, Incorporated, creating the entirely new science of actionable warnings of extreme storms and natural hazards — a management tool that is taken for granted today.  In 2006, he sold WeatherData to AccuWeather where he stayed on as Sr. Vice President and Chief Innovation Executive. Mike retired from AccuWeather in March to begin MSE Creative Consultants.

Over the years, Mike and his innovations have been credited with saving thousands of lives and averting billions of dollars of property losses. 

He has received prestigious awards from organizations ranging from the Consumer Electronics Association to the American Meteorological Society, With more than 30 U.S. and foreign patents in the fields of GPS/GIS, storm warnings, search and rescue, and emergency management, Mike now combines his scientific acumen with business savvy, creativity, and insights, to offer his business clientele a unique combination of skills available nowhere else. 

When he is not engaged in a consulting project or delivering a keynote speech, Mike loves to read, write books and short stories, and play with his granddaughters and entire family.