For the third year in a row, and a second map painting each year, a dedicated group of East Wichita Rotarians donned some old clothes, met on a beautiful Kansas spring day -- albeit a bit windy, but, heck, that's Kansas for you -- and painted a large US map on a Wichita area's school grounds!  This time the crew was busy with paint brushes and rollers at Caldwell Elementary School!  Just look at how the sunshine makes the colors pop on the map!  Many thanks to all of you for your gift of time, talent and volunteerism on this particular Saturday!  The map looks fantastic!  See how it comes to life in the pix below!
SCHOOL MAP PAINTING at Caldwell Elementary 2019-04-30 05:00:00Z 0
March Madness has concluded with Virginia winning it all on April 8th's championship game!  With your participation, together(!) our 2nd Annual “Battle of the Brackets” raised $1,400 for the East Wichita Rotary Foundation, surpassing last year’s inaugural fundraiser total of $1,250!  Many thanks to each of you for endorsing this fundraiser for our Foundation, which provides scholarships to local area high school students.  Your participation, with the purchase of a bracket or two or a contribution “to the cause”, will provide OVER ONE scholarship, for $1000/year, for a deserving student!  Great teamwork, folks! 
Tony Hurtig, the husband of our EWR Club Executive, won the $100 prize for the winning bracket.  Boy, there was lots of teasing at the meeting when the bracket winner was announced, especially after our Club Executive won last year.  As Kim said, "Trust me!  We Hurtig’s aren’t lucky in anything else, except perhaps doing brackets."
 At our April 10 Rotary meeting, we also had a drawing for $50 each from two of the non-winning brackets and ….. drum roll please ….Michael Moeder and Michael Caffrey (pictured left to right, below) each won $50.  Must be a lucky “Michael-thing” going on there! 😊  Just a little tidbit:  Michael Caffrey is a very new member AND it was his additional raffle chance, not his bracket, that won.  Very cool!
Hope to see you all next year when we "take on the Madness and battle the brackets" again!  
MARCH MADNESS BRACKET WINNERS!  2019-02-26 06:00:00Z 0 Scott Holder passes the gavel to Burke Jones!  

As always, the "Changing of the Guard" meeting is a Club favorite!  This year's was no different, thanks to a fantastically funny "roast" of Scott by Burke.  But first, we looked back at highlights of this last year, including installing benches, via a District grant, in Eastview park, putting a mentorship program in place for new members, hosting a "March Madness Battle of the Brackets" to benefit our own Foundation, and welcoming 13 new members.   Many thanks to Scott Holder, "our fearless leader" for all of the energy and leadership he shared with our Club this year; he was the consummate "team player"!  Good luck to Burke as he leads us for 2018-19!    Congratulations, too, go out to Denise Hearson and Tammie Rhea, named the recipients of the "Service Above Self" and  "Rotarian of the Year" award, respectively.  Scott also recognized and thanked his board members and our own Foundation's board members.  The meeting was well attended, and fun was had by all!    
What a year it's been, EWR!
ANOTHER YEAR TO REFLECT BACK ON ... 2018-06-29 05:00:00Z 0
On April 28, a group of East Wichita Rotarians, joined by a few WSU international students, painted the fourth school map by our Club, this one at Gammon Elementary.  What a fun surprise to the Gammon students, as evident in the pictures below, as they arrived at school on Monday to discover their new learning tool and then gathered outside on the map to celebrate this colorful US map!  Can you find Kansas??  
And our fourth school map painting is "in the books" .... 2018-05-03 05:00:00Z 0
There was nothing unlucky about the number 13 for this year's annual EWR Christmas Party.  On December 13, a record number of Rotarians and their spouses/guests came together for a night of great food, fun friendships and holiday festiveness like never before, with the beautifully-decorated backdrop of the Wichita Country Club as our host.  Adding to the success of the evening was this year's entertainment:  professional ventriloquist, Greg Claassen!  He had the group laughing so much we were crying!  Not sure how we top this evening but I know all of us who were there felt very "December-13th-lucky" to have been a part of such a wonderful Christmas party!  If the smiles in the pictures (click here) are any indication, fun was had by all!  Merry Christmas from East Wichita Rotary and have a very prosperous, healthy 2018, full of love and family!  
Annual EWR Christmas Party was a smashing success! 2017-12-15 06:00:00Z 0
With decorations aplenty and lots of good cheer, to boot, East Wichita Rotarians and friends helped the residents of Wichita Children's Home decorate Christmas trees!  What a fantastic way to enjoy a Saturday morning in December, one of the great annual traditions of EWR!  
EWR Volunteers join WCH residents to decorate Christmas trees! 2017-12-04 06:00:00Z 0
With the help of a District grant, matching funds from our Club and a great partnership with the City of Wichita Parks and Recreation Department, new benches replaced old worn out benches in Eastview Park at E. 13th and Governour.  The new benches are even Rotary blue!  Several of our members gathered to assemble the benches and "get their hands a little dirty" to make this project a reality.  Many thanks to the District for awarding the grant and to the City for their help also.  Click here to see a photo album showing the transformation from the old ... to the new!  Voila!  
District Grant used for beautiful new park benches! 2017-09-29 05:00:00Z 0
.....from Fred Heismeyer to Scott Holder!  

As always, the "Changing of the Guard" meeting is a Club favorite!  This year's was no different, interlaced with humor and tributes as Fred Heismeyer passed the gavel to Scott Holder.  Fred was so good to bring us many fresh ideas and always kept us informed of club matters, as well as District and International matters.  In fact, the title of this article was introduced by Fred.  He shared with us that, when visiting a Rotary club in Russia, that club calls the process of changing leadership as "turning the wheel".  Many thanks to Fred Heismeyer, "our fearless leader" for all of the energy and leadership he shared with our Club this year and good luck to Scott as he leads us for 2017-18!    Congratulations, too, go out to Kim Goodnight and Lynn Jeane, each presented with the "Service Above Self" award and Anne Schneider, awarded "Rotarian of the Year".  Fred also recognized and thanked his board members and our own Foundation's board members.  The meeting concluded with a wonderfully funny slide show, put together by Scott, "roasting" Fred.  
What a year it's been, EWR!
"Turning The Wheel" ?? 2017-06-29 05:00:00Z 0
 Rotary International has really encouraged all of the clubs worldwide to visit the issue of new membership categories, giving clubs autonomy to structure their membership statuses as they see fit for their Club.  As such, with the start of a new Rotary year just around the corner on July 1, the Board of Directors has been hard at work discussing and brainstorming new membership categories for our Club.
We are proud to announce a new "Young Professionals" Membership Category that is available to new members under 40 years old and would include:

• $300/year membership fee (no new member fee)
• 12 Meals included (one per month) – meals in addition to the 12 would be pay-as-you-go at our standard rate.
• Required minimum 50% involvement among meeting attendance, service projects and mixers – combined.
• Maximum term is 2 years and then member must become full-paying member
This is a fantastic way for a young professional building his/her career, with perhaps increased demands on one's time, to have an affordable way to join and grow with Rotary! Contact any of the directors on the left side of the website for more details!   Also, there is a section on the application to indicate if this is the membership category for which you are applying.  
Please note that this is an evolving program and subject to change or elimination in the future.  
Introducing a New "Young Professionals" Membership Category 2017-05-26 05:00:00Z 0
From the desk of President Fred Heismeyer ....
It is said you cannot say “THANK YOU” enough to your team. I cannot agree more. So, a big THANK YOU goes to the Fundraising team for a fabulous job on conceptualizing, organizing, creating and executing our Kentucky Derby event. From the wonderful venue, classy decorations, great food/drinks, fun themed games, excellent items for the auctions/drawings and, of course,  the live streaming of the 2017 "Run for the Roses," the team of East Wichita Rotarians gave our Club the opportunity to raise $10,500 to be equally divided by Starkey, EmberHope and Heartspring. Each of these organizations works with children/youth to improve their living conditions. We congratulate the entire team for its collective effort and success, as well as each Rotarian for their individual role on the Fundraising committee: Kim Goodnight (Chair), Susan Addington, Brian Blackerby, Mick Cayless, Ryan Henry, Kim Hurtig, Tammie Rhea, and Isaac Ulbrich. We also thank Anne Schneider and Ric Wolford for taking pictures, and Eileen Kludt and Burke Jones for their special assistance. Thanks, too, to the staffs of the LUX Building, Larkspur Restaurant and Flying Monkey Photo Booth for their roles in making this event fun and a success. We should also give a big shout-out and thank you to our corporate sponsors of Westar Energy, Intrust Bank and ITC Great Plains. Of course, many individuals and organizations donated items for the auction/raffle and we want to thank each for their part in helping us raise money for our three recipient organizations.

Finally, thanks to everyone who attended. We expanded our audience to include East Wichita Rotarians and many guests,thus widening the Rotary story to our community. 

The "First Annual??" Kentucky Derby Party/Fundraiser 2017-04-20 05:00:00Z 0
Our East Wichita Rotarians are enjoying the new tradition of, twice a year, reading to students at Buckner Elementary School, as part of their Our School Cares About Reading (OSCAR) program!  It is a wonderful chance for our Rotarians to engage with the students and read a story that brightens their eyes and builds a love of reading!  Click here to check out the pictures from Friday, March 10.  
Reading at Buckner Elementary for OSCAR Days is becoming an EWR tradition 2017-03-14 05:00:00Z 0
The slate of Rotary Club of East Wichita 2017-18 Officers and Board of Directors is listed below (the number in parentheses indicates their remaining/future term length) has been announced and approved by the membership.    Congratulations to the following members:
       President                Scott Holder  (1)
                          President-Elect        Burke Jones  (1)
                          Secretary                Donna Kennedy  (2)
                          Treasurer                Steve Peterson  (1)
                          Past President          Fred Heismeyer  (1)
  Public Relations             Dave Clothier (2)
                          Membership                 Todd Bailey  (1)
                          Membership                  Angela Binyon  (2)
                          RCEW Foundation         Kevin Rathert  (1)
                          Fellowship/Social          Drew Rooks  (2)
                          Administration              Richard Samaniego  (2)
                              Service                         Denise Hearson  (1)
Officers and Board Members Approved for 2017-18 Rotary Year 2017-02-07 06:00:00Z 0
Fourteen members of the Rotary Club of East Wichita participated in Our School Cares About Reading (OSCAR) program at Buckner Elementary in December, continuing the tradition at the school of community volunteers reading in the classrooms.   Volunteers also participated during an earlier reading session this past April.   What a fun and engaging treat for our members to read to the students and spend time with them shortly before their holiday break!
EW Rotarians enjoy another OSCAR Day at Buckner Elementary 2016-12-12 00:00:00Z 0
On a beautiful, almost fall-like morning, members of the East Wichita and Old Town Rotary Clubs joined forces to paint a school map at Jackson Elementary.  The pictures, accessed by clicking here, tell the story of how a blank school playground transformed into a wonderful learning tool for the students of Jackson Elementary.    As the Jackson principal, Ms. Kamiel Evans, said, "Having the map painted on the playground gives students a tangible way to interact with geography.  Technology is a blessing, but it has taken away the “real life” interaction that so many kids need.  I can’t wait for our students to be able to utilize this additional resource!  Thank you to the Rotarians!" Many thanks to EWR members, Lisa Callahan, Jim Crawford, Denise Hearson, Fred, Heismeyer, Joyce Heismeyer, Scott Holder, Kim Hurtig, Lynn Jeane, Eileen Kludt, Ely Luna, Bob Morris and John Schlicher who shared their time and talents, along with several of our friends from the Old Town Club, to paint the map.  The crew said they had a blast and can't wait to do it again!  What a wonderful example of Service above Self!
From an April 27, 2016 Press Release to the Wichita Eagle .....
Eighteen members of the Rotary Club of East Wichita participated in Our School Cares About Reading (OSCAR) program at Buckner Elementary in April, continuing the tradition at the school of community volunteers reading in the classrooms.   Volunteers participated during an earlier reading session held last December.  
This program, designed to focus on literary, was started in 2012 at Buckner Elmenetary.  Each student preselects a book which is ordered and presented by the community volunteer during the reading session for students to take home that day. 
"April marked the third time East Wichita Rotarians participated and it is quickly becoming one of our members' favorite projects." said Susan Addington, public relations director and volunteer.  "The students are so excited to have the volunteers come and read to them .... and receive their own carefully chosen book to take home.  It's a great way to promote reading and connect with teachers and students in our community."  
East Wichita Rotarians volunteer at Buckner Elementary 2016-07-13 00:00:00Z 0
.....from Joe Goetz to Fred Heismeyer!  
As always, the "Changing of the Guard" meeting is a Club favorite.  This year's was no different, interlaced with humor and tributes as Joe Goetz passed the gavel to Fred Heismeyer.  Many thanks to Joe Goetz for "steering the ship" this year and good luck to Fred as he leads us for 2016-17!  This one picture below sums up the meeting, but click here to enjoy more photos for the festivities!  Congratulations, too, go out to Bobbi Hansen, presented with the "Service Above Self" award and Terry Wiggers, awarded "Rotarian of the Year".  After recognizing and thanking his board members and strategic planning committee members, Joe also presented the additional following awards:
 - Distinguised Service Award - Schoen Fitzgerald
 - Youth Service Award - Kim Pennington
 - Club Service Award - John McEwen
 - Club Service Award - Ely Luna
What a year it's been, EWR!  


AND SO THE GAVEL PASSES .... 2016-06-23 00:00:00Z 0
With guests in attendance from other local Rotary clubs and a large contingency of East Wichita Rotarians, June kicked off in a big way with a two-person panel of Kansas Supreme Court justices presenting the program.  EW Rotarian, Sarah Bagby, moderated the discussion, posing questions to The Honorable Carol Beier and The Honorable Caleb Stegall,   The Justices offered a glimpse into life inside the Kansas Supreme Court, as well as answering questions on some of today's "hot topic" issues.  
Kansas Supreme Court Justices visit EWR 2016-06-07 00:00:00Z 0

In lieu of accepting community grant applications for 2015-16 (July 1, 2015 - June 30, 2016), East Wichita Rotary’s local charitable support will be focused on awarding scholarships to support the growing number of deserving students from Sedgwick County who seek financial assistance to attend Kansas universities.  

2015-16 COMMUNITY GRANTS 2016-05-04 00:00:00Z 0


Although official "National Volunteer Week" for 2016 was April 10-16, the spirit of a Rotarian focuses on volunteerism year round. "Service Above Self", the motto of Rotary clubs around the world, is ever-present in the hearts of Rotarians!
National Volunteer Week 2016-04-17 00:00:00Z 0
East Wichita Rotary was proud and honored to sponsor Tavian Smith at RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) Camp this past May.  Tavian (shown below, right) is a senior at Northeast Magnet School this fall.  His confidence, poise and ear-to-ear smile were evident as he came as our guest in June and shared his camp experiences with us.  Check out the photo album at the pull-down tab above.  Good luck this school year, Tavian, and in all the future holds for you!  
RYLA + EWR = A Winning Acronym Equation 2015-06-30 00:00:00Z 0

The "Changing of the Guard" meeting at the end of the Rotary year is always such a fun meeting because we celebrate the successes of the year and highlight our outgoing president's year!  Chris Kibler, 2014-15 President, presented her end-of-year awards and gave a wonderful PowerPoint presentation that showcased the goals and successes of the year!  She then passed the gavel to incoming president, Joe Goetz, who "roasted" her in a such a fun fashion that it filled the room with laughter!  On behalf of all of us in East Wichita Rotary, Chris - many thanks for a fantastic year and a record-breaking membership drive!  Joe - good luck as you start your year and share your time and talents with us as president.  For more "glimpses" of the celebration, click on the photo album tab above.


We accepted the challenge from the Overland Park, KS, Rotary Club and on Friday, August 22, in front of the WCC sign on 13th Street, five of our members were the “dumpees” and five were the “dumpers”.  Scott Holder videographed the cold, cold fun!  Additionally, several members came to cheer on the fun!   Ideally, the way the challenge works is for someone/some group to challenge another group to raise awareness/money for ALS within 24 hours or, if not, ice gets dumped over the heads of folks.  Contributions or no contributions, the reality was that ice WOULD BE dumped over some of our members heads on Friday afternoon – there’s no way we’d have missed out on that chance for fun in the name of charity!  As a result of the Challenge, our members contributed $525 to the ALS Foundation.    Just to give you a feel for the success of the Ice Bucket Challenge .... last summer, the ALS Association had $1.9 million in contributions.  This year, with the success of the ongoing Ice Bucket Challenge, the ALS Foundation has received contributions totaling over $50 million dollars ... and still climbing!  They have hundreds of thousands of NEW contributors that they are furiously trying to get thank you notes written to!  What a wonderful “problem” to have! 

And for our Club, what a “cool” break to the heat, all in the name of a good cause!

In preparation for the holidays, a group of about 25 Rotarians and spouses hosted a Christmas party for the residents living at the Wichita Children's Home.  The event went off without a hitch! Approximately 18-20 teens from Residential and BRIDGES Phase I worked together with the Rotarians, decorating Christmas trees for the teens to give to their family for the holidays.  There were a bunch of trees left over that were decorated for kiddos that come in during the holidays that could use a bit of Christmas cheer!  This community service project is a wonderful tradition of our Club and a favorite of our members!  There are a few more pictures in the album at the lower left.  Check out those beautiful EWR t-shirts that some of our members are "sporting around town"!  

A dedicated (and very artistic!!) group of East Wichita Rotarians volunteered to paint the intereior of a StepStone home, preparing it for its new residents:  a mother and her young children.  This home will offer a nice, safe home for this family, away from the risk of domestic violence!  The evening's service project ended with a wonderful meal of grilled brats and the "fixins' " ! Check out the photo album at the left and the video below.  Many thanks to Fred Heismeyer for the pictures and Pat O'Donnell for the video!



Riverfest, Wichita's signature annual festival, has come and gone for another year ... and all indications are that is was wonderfully successful for our city!  At a May meeting preceding the Festival, Admiral "Windwagon Smith" (aka Ron Ryan) visited our Club with a wonderful invitation to come join the fun of the Festival with all of its traditional favorties.....and some fantastic new events to entertain all ages!  Check out the photo album at the left; photography was provided by Milt Mounts of Essential Images Photography!




Admiral "Windwagon Smith" Visits our Club ... with a wonderful invite to RIverfest! 0

ImageOn Thursday, January 23, our Club volunteered at the Lord's Diner.  This was a wonderful community service project to which over 25 of our members volunteered.  It was such a rewarding way to serve the community and offer "Service above Self".   Although it was a cold evening in Wichita that night, the warm smiles of the 450 patrons we served was the perfect "punctuation" on the evening.  Check out the photo album on the left! 

A wonderful evening at the Lord's Diner! 0

The time is nearing for our Club's annual tradition of providing Thanksgiving dinners, or a "Turkey Basket" full of all the holiday essentials, for the less-fortunate in our community.  


Ann Buckendahl is oversaw the 2013 committee with a slate of veteran volunteers. Because of the generosity of our members, our Club will be delivering 84 turkeys, surpassing our goal of 80, which was equal to last year's deliveries!  FANTASTIC!  The dinners will be delivered on Wednesday, November 27, the day before Thanksgiving.   Thank you for your contribution of time and/or donations to this worthy cause to help make the holidays special for others in our community! 

East Wichita Rotary's Annual Tradition of Thanksgiving Dinners/Turkey Baskets 0

.... to East Wichita Rotary Club! 

Rotary International is the world's first service club organization, with more than 1.2 million members in 33,000 clubs worldwide. Rotary club members are volunteers who work locally, regionally, and internationally to combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, provide education and job training, promote peace, and eradicate polio under the motto Service Above Self.

As the East Wichita Rotary Club, this is what WE do:  

WELCOME ..... 0